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The trampoline attachment preferably includes one to four aprons to additionally prevent injury to the user. Each apron has a lower end that attaches to a portion of the base bed at the perimeter. An upper corner of each side of the apron is attached in tension to the corresponding side of one of the backstop frames at a point a little higher than the width of the apron above the end of the backstop frame. Each apron is attached to a respective backstop in this manner. With this configuration, the aprons inhibit the user from stepping on or hitting the springs and/or the frame.

Referring initially to FIG. 1, the improved trampoline of the present invention is shown and generally designated 10. As shown in FIG. 1, a base bed 12 is attached to a base frame 14 with a suspension system 16. Typically, the suspension system 16 consists of a plurality of resilient members 17, of which member 17a is representative. This attachment of the base bed 12 to the base frame 14 places the base bed 12 in tension and forms an annular gap 18 between the base bed 12 and the base frame 14. As shown in FIG. 1, the base frame 14 is mounted on a plurality of arch-shaped legs 19, of which legs 19a, 19b are representative. Importantly, the base frame 14 and base bed 12 are circular, and the trampoline attachment 20 is intended to accommodate the circular trampoline 10.


Backyard Trampoline Accessories by JumpSport Trampolines

Boarding Platforms and Runways - Great for preparation and getting onto the water trampoline these platforms work great and offer a safe place for kids and adults to hang out. Additional uses for these platforms are sunbathing, supervising trampoline users or simply taking a break from bouncing. Although this is one of the tamer water trampoline attachments many users boast this is one of the more used attachments as it is so versatile.