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  • Spider-Man can strike from anywhere in his Turbo Capture Racer.
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  • Turbo Capture allows the creation of

Marvel Amazing Spider-Man 2 Turbo Capture Racer


Turbo Capture facilitates script creation by recording your mouse and keyboard actions as you execute them against a live SUT. It then facilitates the image capture process and generates SenseTalk code according to the actions executed.

Turbo Capture Sessions can take up a lot of space on your machine because full-resolution screenshots are captured at each stage of execution. After a script has been generated from a session, it is advisable to delete the session from the sessions list. Multiple sessions can be selected at once for mass removal.


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You can send Spider-Man speeding toward the scene of the crime in his Turbo Capture Racer vehicle, or imagine your own adventures with the Spider-Man figure battling the bad guys on foot. Figure and vehicle are compatible with complete Spider Strike Battle Racer line (each vehicle and figure sold separately).