• First Act FI906 Voice Rockrz Mic - Pink First Act.
  • The Voice Rockrz Mic allows kids to tap into the magic and have fun with the music they love!
  • You can purchase the Voice Rockrz Mic at many online and brick and mortar stores for $24.99.
  • i would like to win, the other gift i like is Boys or Girls Age 3+Voice Rockrz Mic

First Act FI907 Voice Rockrz Mic - Blue

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What does it do? The wireless Voice Rockrz Mic turns a regular performance into an extra special one with its three voice effects – Hi-Note, Echo-Tastic and Robot-Riffic. Simply tap one of the included fashion accessories – a bracelet and a ring – to the target on the back of the mic and your child’s voice magically changes! Tap the ring to activate the Hi-Note voice effect (think Alvin & the Chipmunks); tap the bracelet to change to the Echo-Tastic voice effect; or tap the ring and bracelet in succession for the Robot-Riffic voice (my daughters’ favorite!) Check out this video of Maya playing with the mic:

The Voice Rockrz Mic is available in or and each one comes with two cool accessories. The accessories can be worn and allow the user to change between one of three voice modifications; echo-tastic, hi-note and robot-riffic.


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Time to show off your kid’s voice, but with so many different microphones to choose from; which one will suit your kid’s needs? One thing is for sure, if you want a microphone that is fun and easy to use, then the Voice Rockrz Mic is the toy for you! This neat little toy is easy to use and very different from most toy microphones. The set comes with a bracelet and a ring which will not only allow your kids to accessorize, but will also allow your kids to change the effects of the microphone as well! The set also comes with an instruction manual, and of course, the microphone it’s self. This microphone is different from most microphones because it has the ability to change effects! The microphone also comes equipped with buttons that will allow you to reset your microphones settings, as well as turn your microphone on/off with ease. All of these features make the microphone fun and easy to play with!