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  • Waterbabies Too Tweet™ Twins and Twincesses bring twice the fun to playtime!
  • Wee Waterbabies are only 6 inches high. They come pre-filled and are soft, squeezable fun.

Coppertone Waterbabies SPF 50 Lotion, 8 Fluid Ounce


Elaine was first introduced to Water Babies while pregnant and qualified as a Water Babies instructor as soon as she could after giving birth to Lee, her fourth child. As well as having completed their nationally accredited in-house training including STA baby and pre-school award, Elaine & George are fully qualified Swim Ireland swimming teachers and hold a registered Irish Water Safety Lifeguard award, including infant specialisation . Elaine & George are personally insured through the STA and the company has full corporate insurance.

The core Water Babies programme lasts just over a year and consists of five ten week terms. Each of the 50 lesson plans is carefully worked out to progress learning and understanding. However, fun is also a key element of the Water Babies’ lessons. And overall, the aim is to provide an enjoyable and stimulating activity for both parent and child.


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If you're looking for sun protection, you can't get better than Water Babies! It's like wearing a blanket in the sun - you will NOT get burned. I have porcelain skin, I burn very easily. I think I also get sun poisoning (rashy splotchy looking skin when exposed for too long). This weekend I spent four hours at the beach - 10am-2pm - and did not get burned ANYWHERE I applied this stuff. I happened to miss some spots, and boy, is it obvious how great this stuff protects!!I have very sensitive skin, but I've never had a reaction to WaterBabies, and I've been using it for years. It looks like a lot of people have given this product bad reviews because they used it on their face. Personally, unless the packaging says: "For Face," I don't apply it to my face (a good rule of thumb). Ideally, the perfect sunblock could be used all over the body, but if you're willing to use something else on your face, you CANNOT BEAT the protection this product gives the rest of your body. I swear by it. Highly recommend!!