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  • 0Z11055 ZOOB® 55 • Beware the ZOOB Raptor!
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  • raptors because the Zoob Raptor has a gray mouth

ZOOB 55-Piece Modeling System

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- 55 ZOOB pieces in a sturdy, corrugated box, and 3 guides with instructions for 13 creations, including: ZOOBamator, ZOOB Raptor, Wily Hopper, Chicken, Scorpion, ZOOBdude, ZOOBot, Chopper, ZOOBTunia, Cell Phone, Small Airplane, Little Critter, Twirling Top

These tactile sensations enhance the enjoyment and play value, making children and adults alike feel compelled to touch, twist, and connect ZOOB units. The 55 piece set includes 11 of each of the ZOOB pieces (red, blue, yellow, green, and gray) and instructions for 13 creations including Wily Hopper, ZOOB Raptor, Starship, Robot, and Hawk.


pieces, and 12 sturdy instruction cards for 28 creations

This is the Zoob Raptor. You can tell the difference between the two raptors because the Zoob Raptor has a gray mouth. The Flaming Raptor has a red mouth.